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Reedsport High School band members 1940-s - Bozorth.jpg
left to right: Edythe Mohler (Carlson), Alice Mohler (Smalley), ?, Freda Mohler (Chappelle), c. 1941-42

0287 026.jpg
Children riding horses, probably at the Reedsport rodeo grounds.

Miriam Sturgeon 1970s 001.jpg
Miriam Sturgeon about to drop a ballot in The Courier's Who's Who Contest.

0441 Fleet Days 1972 002.jpg
Crowd enjoying a salmon bake in Winchester Bay during Fleet Days. Williams' truck.

8 Hugh Clardy.jpg
On left, Hugh Clardy senior, the owner of Texaco gas station at the junction of Highways 38 and 101.

Soap Box Derby 1950s.jpg
Soap-Box Derby, possibly originating in Gardiner, OR on Commercial Street and ending at Grubbs Market. Dave Woods (l - maybe), Jeff Brandon (c) standing hand on hip; Sam Young (r) on the minimalist "racer" (possibly Danny Boesel, Tommy Richmond,…

0287 028 firemen.jpg
Firemen and dalmatian riding an antique Winchester Bay Fire Department fire truck in uptown Reedsport during the Fleet Days parade.

0287 043 child in sawdust.jpg
Umpqua Bank's yearly coin hunt during fleet days. Coins were hidden in sawdust for the kids to find. They would have a few coins that would be placed in a metal holder that said "Courtesy of Umpqua Bank".

0287 004.jpg
Several men and women dressed as hillbillys on a Fleet Days parade float. Side of the float reads in part "Sunny Hill." with cartoons and a painted landscape.

0287 003.jpg
Women seated in tulip-like flowers on a Fleet Days parade float. Photo appears to be taken in uptown Reedsport.

0287 002.jpg
Young girl in dress holds a microphone while performing on stage. Sign in back reads "Port of Leningrad."

0287 001.jpg
Crowned women and members of the Coast Guard, Fleet Days.

2016-02-22 Soft Rock Cafe.jpg
Soft Rock Cafe in downtown Reedsport. Italian sandwiches. Unidentified woman.
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