Q. Who runs this archive?

A. This archive is part of a history collection campaign started by the nonprofit Reedsport Main Street Program (RMSP).  Since 2014, the RMSP has been engaging volunteers to make Reedsport a better place to live by helping our businesses, making our town more attractive, promoting our area, fostering local pride, and preserving our history.  Although the RMSP administers this archive, we invite you to make it your own.

Q. What is the purpose of the archive?

A. To make the history of the Lower Umpqua as accessible and interactive as possible.  We love the people, places, and stories that make us who we are as a people.  This is our way to remember those stories while sharing them with the world.

Q. Why is this archive called "100 Years on the Lower Umpqua?"

A. The Kuitsh people have lived along the lower Umpqua River for centuries.  The first American explorers visited in 1828, and many immigrants were here by 1900.  But Reedsport itself was founded in 1919, and so we have created this archive in honor of its upcoming centennial celebration.  We remember our past in order to face the challenges of the next 100 years.

Q. Where did the material in this archive come from?

A. Most of the items have been gathered at Community Collection Days, when members of the public are invited to bring their memorabilia to be digitized.  Other items were uploaded directly by contributors, brought in to the RMSP office, or gathered from online sources such as Historic Oregon Newspapers with permission.

Q. How can I contribute an item to the archive?

A. If you live near Reedsport, please come to our next Community Collection Day.  Please note, we only copy your material.  You keep the originals.  You can also email us an item to add on your behalf, or notify us that you would like to be added as an Omeka Contributor, which will let you upload directly to the archive.

 Q. Can I use this material?

A. Yes!  Most of this material has been given to us with a CC BY-SA license agreement, meaning that you can use it for any purpose as long as you attribute it and allow it to be shared under the same license.  Material listed as Public Domain can be used without any restrictions.  Check the item for one of these conditons before using it.

Q. Is there any way to improve the quality of an image in the archive?

A. Because of server limitations, we have reduced the size of most images in the archive.  In many cases, the RMSP has a high-quality version available offline.  Please contact us if you need access to a better version.  We will be happy to send it to you.

Q. I recognize someone in a photograph/I have found a mistake in the description/How do I add information?

A. We rely on public input to make the information in the archive as complete and accurate as possible.  Please note the title of the item, click on "Comment on an Item," and fill out the form to help us make improvements.

Q. How do I contact you?

A. You can reach us at:

Reedsport Main Street Program
451 Winchester Ave.
Reedsport, OR  97467
541-271-3603 ext.217

We are also on Facebook.