About the Archive

"Share Your History: 100 Years on the Lower Umpqua" was launched March 2016 by the nonprofit Reedsport Main Street Program.  As Reedsport approaches its centennial year in 2019, we are challenged with a historical record that is scattered, inaccessible, and quickly disappearing. The purpose of this archive is to preserve and share the history of Reedsport, Gardiner, Winchester Bay, Scottsburg, and other communities along the Lower Umpqua River.

Material for this archive has been gathered from individual contributions and Community Collection Days. Items include photographs, newspapers, pictures of physical objects, and oral histories. For more information about our Community Collection Days, please take a look at our main site.

Check back often - this archive is actively growing. Many of our items have never before been made available to the public. We invite you to freely learn about our area, enjoy our history, and share the material you find in this archive.  Most material is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC BY-SA) license.  

We wish to thank RunCoCo for their support in helping us launch this archive. Our community collection system is based on the RunCoCo model.

You can reach us at:
Reedsport Main Street Program
451 Winchester Ave.
Reedsport, OR  97467
541-271-3603 ext.217

We are also on Facebook.