Community Collection Day - March 4, 2016

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Community Collection Day - March 4, 2016


Community Collection Day


Material contributed by the public at the first Community Collection Day, March 4, 2016, Umpqua Discovery Center.


Reedsport Main Street

Collection Items

Ernestine Koepke certificate
Certificate reads, "Certificate of Attendance. This is to certify that Ernestine Koepke of the Sulphur Springs School is commended for Regularity and Punctuality in Attendance having been neither absent from school nor tardy during the school year…

Street Scene - Reedsport postcard
Postcard of a street scene in downtown Reedsport

Industrial Area - Reedsport postcard, c. 1950
Downtown Reedsport as viewed looking northeast from the Scholfield Bridge over Scholfield (Schofield) Creek. Pioneer School and wigwam burners in the distance.

Elementary School - Reedsport postcard
Pioneer Elementary School

Salmon Harbor, Winchester Bay postcard, c. 1950
Group of people standing on a dock next to a ship bearing the name "Rose."

Umpqua River Bridge - Reedsport postcard
A view of the Umpqua River Bridge looking southeast towards Reedsport

WWI Recruitment Poster
Poster reads, "E Pluribus Unum. Washington gave us freedom. Lincoln kept us united. Wilson fights for America and all humanity. The brave boys of 1918 will fight and die for you. America we love you. Copyright 1917 by E. G. Renesch, Chicago." Drawing…

Walker children
Back of photograph reads: "Quina, Alured, Alice (Babe), and Grace Walker."

School on Scholfield Creek
School on Scholfield (Schofield) Creek. Walker kids plus others. Front row left to right: Elnora Balderree. Jenny Walker, Barbara Chamberlain, Walter Walker, Marjorie Chamberlain, Rachel Balderree, Doan Chamberlain. Back row: Warren M., Billy Walker,…

Students at Scholfield School
Students at school on Scholfield (Schofield) Creek. Front row, left to right: Juanita Heavoner, Addie Keith, Grace Walker, Barbara Chamberlain, Jennie Walker, Lila Winters, Doan Chamberlain, Aletha Howe, Lloyd Brulgar, Rachel Balderree, Francis…

Camp Walker
Civilian Conservation Corps - Camp Walker, Company #981

Alurd Walker and Burt Bartow
Alurd Walker and Burt Bartow, 1930s

Sulphur Springs School
Sulphur Springs School, 1926

Arrival in Reedsport in 1948

Walkers and McClay
Back of photograph reads "Walter Walker, Alured Walker, Dave McClay - father of Margie and Charlie." Alured spelled "Alurd" in other sources.

Judge H. M. McCabe's Christmas card
Christmas card from Judge H. M. McCabe. Card reads, "Merry Christmas and a happy new year. - Mac"

Smith River High School 1931 Yearbook
Smith River High School 1931 yearbook. Photographs and text. Typewritten on heavy brown paper.

Certificate awarded to Evangeline Smiley
Certificate from the President of the United States of America.

Reedsport grade school
Reedsport grade school, also called Pioneer School, was built where the current Price N Pride is located.
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