Fleet Days 1971

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Fleet Days 1971




Photographs found in an envelope marked "Fleet Days, July 1971" taken for The Courier newspaper. Some of these photographs may have appeared in the newspaper. Public input is needed to identify people in these pictures.


The Courier collection


Reedsport Main Street


July 1971


Liz Adamo



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Fleet Days royalty
Crowned women and members of the Coast Guard, Fleet Days.

Young girl performing
Young girl in dress holds a microphone while performing on stage. Sign in back reads "Port of Leningrad."

Women on parade float
Women seated in tulip-like flowers on a Fleet Days parade float. Photo appears to be taken in uptown Reedsport.

Hillbilly parade float
Several men and women dressed as hillbillys on a Fleet Days parade float. Side of the float reads in part "Sunny Hill." with cartoons and a painted landscape.

Esselstrom boys driving tiny car, 1971
The Esselstrom boys, Kevin and Delon, driving in the Fleet Days parade. The Esselstrom family owned many old cars and were instrumental in bringing cable TV to Reedsport. Photo is taken in uptown Reedsport on Highway 101 across from the Reedsport…

Children hunting for coins in sawdust, 1971
Umpqua Bank's yearly coin hunt during fleet days. Coins were hidden in sawdust for the kids to find. They would have a few coins that would be placed in a metal holder that said "Courtesy of Umpqua Bank".

Firemen practicing their aim, 1971
Several members of the Reedsport Fire Department aim their hoses at a suspended target. Photo is taken downtown near the river, the railroad bridge in the background.

Winchester Bay firemen, 1971
Firemen and dalmatian riding an antique Winchester Bay Fire Department fire truck in uptown Reedsport during the Fleet Days parade.

Fireman with fire hose, 1971
Fireman Larry Hull standing in front of the Lutheran church in uptown Reedsport. Hull, RUHS class of 1959, moved back to Reedsport after serving in the Marine Corps for a couple of tours.

Horseback Riding - Fleet Days 1971
Children riding horses, probably at the Reedsport rodeo grounds.
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