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Reedsport Flood 1964 reduced.pdf

Complete or partial books about the Lower Umpqua area that are no longer in publication.

Community Collection Day - March 4, 2016

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Material contributed by the public at the first Community Collection Day, March 4, 2016, Umpqua Discovery Center.

Community Collection Day - May 13, 2016

REEF 2009 Calendar 006 b.jpg

Material contributed by the public at the second Community Collection Day, May 13, 2016, Lower Umpqua Senior Center.

Fleet Days 1971

0287 026.jpg

Photographs found in an envelope marked "Fleet Days, July 1971" taken for The Courier newspaper. Some of these photographs may have appeared in theā€¦

Contributors: Liz Adamo

Newspaper Articles

Reedsport Company advertisement - Oregonian - Nov 19 1911.jpg

Articles about the Lower Umpqua area from various newspaper sources.

Port Umpqua Courier (newspaper) Photographs

1964 flood pictures - Courier 001 13.jpg

Photographs taken for the Port Umpqua Courier newspaper, later called The Courier. Some of these photographs were published in the newspaper.


1950 Fir Grove Court Motel.jpg

Contributors: Kristine Shigley